Manufacturer Model Controller Year Hours
IGM RT330.1
Before last generation
K4 1998 --

rare !this welding robot is equiped to hardface large parts using 2 welding 4540 A torches together

it can be used too as simple welding robot high capacity : track of 3 meters strock + Il peut aussi être utilisé en simple robot de soudage grande capacité : glissière de 3 mètre + 3 meters reduis on gallow

machine  with relatively few hours, equiped with rotating gallow (7th axe) on track (8th axe) in front of a big 5 Tons positionner (9th axe)

length of arm : 1.5 meter

2 welding équipements MILLER AXCESS 450 A working either in continu ou pulsed

see description in photos

exhaust system

possible visit with robot working (France)

This product benefits a special offer!
Low cost
Sector: France